How To Survive Postpartum Hairloss

Something I wasn’t prepared for after having my first baby was the amount of hair I would lose. When I was pregnant I was told I would lose hair afterwards but I didn’t really think about it.

Ya know, you’ve gone through months growing this baby, from the peeing every 5 minutes, to the severe sciatic nerve pain, to the nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue and not to mention the constant food cravings (cream cheese, olives and jalapeños was a must have for me!) And then you go through labor and delivery.

With my first baby my labor and delivery was so extremely traumatic and (I will definitely do a post about that soon) I thought that was the end of the pregnancy pains and jokes.

Slowly healing from pregnancy, labor and delivery, each week feeling a little more like my old self and then BAM right around the 3 month postpartum mark my hair starts falling out in chunks.

And when I say in chunks I mean it. It was like the last cruel joke of pregnancy. I’m just starting to get used to this new body, the soft belly and full breastfeeding boobies and now my hair is clogging up the shower drain.

I have to admit because I wasn’t prepared for it, it really brought me down emotionally.

It continued to fall out until the baby was between 5 and 6 months old and then it started to calm down. And so did I. Until it started to grow back in. I mean, thank God it grew back in, but now I have all these baby hairs that look like bad Dora bangs. And there it was, the last final cruel joke of pregnancy, the postpartum hair loss regrowth.

And after my first baby the second one came along and I lost even more hair than I did with my first, but at least I expected it this time.

So you better bet when I became pregnant with my third I was doing all kinds of research to try to figure it out.

I knew it came from hormones and from your hair not falling out as much or at all during pregnancy. I could see that from the natural 3 month cycles of it all – it takes 3 months for it to start falling out and another 3 for it to stop falling out (in chunks). So I feel like that’s the bodies natural cycle for hair loss and that’s what you’re meant to lose anyways.

I read that a lot while doing my research but the one thing that didn’t add up to me was how some women can lose tons of hair like I did and others lose very little.

A few of my friends had recommended keeping up with my prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and after. My hairstylist recommended using apple cider vinegar. And I came across a company called 100% Pure that has a shampoo and conditioner just for hair growth.

So that’s what I did with baby number three.

I stayed on top of my vitamins as much as I could. I highly highly highly recommend the prenatal gummies from Garden of Life because they are chewable and delicious so it makes it so much easier to remember. I still take them because we are still breastfeeding.

I use apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it throughout my hair really focusing on my scalp and massaging it in. I have honestly only done this a handful of times because I’m lucky to get a shower most days but I absolutely love how it makes my hair feel. So clean and shiny. And I really do think it helps because it’s an ingredient in the “Grow More” shampoo from 100% Pure.

I started using the Grow More Shampoo at the beginning of this year and I just recently noticed that I have about 2 inches of new hair growth. I definitely think it’s from the shampoo and I will definitely be ordering more.

My baby hairs are now about 6 inches long and not quite long enough to make it to my ponytail or messy bun, but they are getting really close! Which is very exciting because right now because with the warmer weather, they are just flying all over the place in any direction they please.

I feel like nutrition is a huge roll in how much falls out. When I was about 2 months postpartum with baby #3 I made sure I was taking my vitamins daily along with a nutrition packed vegan protein shake/smoothie. I love all of the Garden Of Life protein powders, the vanilla meal replacement is my favorite especially blended with bananas and non dairy milk.

So those are my tips for surviving postpartum hair loss and minimizing as much as possible how much falls out.

To all the other moms who’ve experienced postpartum hair loss was your experience similar to mine? Did you lose a lot or a little and did it grow back? Any tips for surviving the hair loss and regrowth? I’d love to know!

My new baby hairs since using 100% Pure grow more shampoo!

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