A Day in Our Life / Tangy Mango Smoothie Recipe

Currently the oldest is vacuuming, the youngest is following him around crying wanting to help and the middle baby is arguing with the oldest because she doesn’t want to help.

Finn- “Rosie, can you get that please?”

Rose- “No.”

Finn- “Don’t just say no to me please pick it up.”

Rose- “No.”

We’re all sick. Since we woke yesterday, runny noses and coughs and sore throats. The same today, but I’m not complaining since they all slept through the night last night except the youngest who only woke up once. ONCE. He usually is still waking up 3 or more times every night.

And today I am somehow more exhausted than I have been in a long time.

We didn’t get out of bed until almost 9am. I made hash brown patties from Aldi’s and instant oatmeal with cranberries, hemp, flax and chia seeds, brown sugar and soy milk. Followed by some coffee with homemade almond, cashew, date milk that I made yesterday.

We mostly just sat out in the garden enjoying the warm sunshine that we haven’t experienced all week, um, hello its June, I guess June hasn’t gotten the memo. But its warm and sunny today and that is something to be thankful for.

At lunch time we walked up to grandma’s house and the kids ate crackers and cheese, then we explored her garden with her. Peach trees, little baby dill plants all over and a massive amount of cilantro. I’m pretty jealous because I don’t have much luck with dill or cilantro and besides basil they are my favorite herbs.

We talked about Anthony Bourdain and his self inflicted passing today. It made us both think about the fact that you can have everything by the worlds standards, fame and money, and without Jesus it’s all meaningless. That nagging feeling that something is missing but never being able to fill that hole. That hole is the love of Jesus. The unconditional love of a Savior that loves you regardless of anything good or bad you’ve ever done. Money and fame can’t fill that love you crave, only Jesus can.

After lunch I rocked Silas to sleep and put him down for a nap, which he was shortly awoken from thanks to the older two babies. Then we hit repeat. Put him down again and he was woken up again. Oh well, like I said its a beautiful day and they are enjoying the sunshine. PLUS, no naps usually means an earlier bed time.

I made myself a smoothie during the two minutes they were all quietly in their rooms. Ginger root, mango, banana, frozen mixed berries and lemon juice. Spicy, cold and tangy. Felt great on my sore throat, and also seemed to clear up my sinus’ a little bit.

Today is Friday which means burger night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. This week I found some vegan black bean burgers at Aldi’s for less than $3.00 for four patties. I’ll try them tonight and fingers crossed they are great! I was so excited to find them.

I caught up paying bills, washed the dishes and tried to update my Etsy shop but between the sickness and sleepiness gave up for today. I’d love to just throw a blanket on the ground and take a nap in the sunshine, but such is mom life.

I checked on my big Fiddle Leaf Fig/Ficus Lyrata and noticed another new leaf fell off. *Insert crying face* I think its my fault because I moved it out to our porch last week and it dipped down into the upper 40’s. It had three new leaves coming and I was super excited but now down to one and my little baby Fiddle Leaf hasn’t put out a new leaf in well over a month, along with my Swiss Cheese Vine/Monstera Adansonii. Does anyone know why? I thought they were supposed to grow more in the summer months.

The kids just asked if they could feed the betta fish and that reminded me the poor thing hasn’t been fed in days (maybe weeks ha just kidding, I think). Yay for children, the reason I don’t remember to feed the fish and the reason that the fish gets fed, all in one.

Currently reconsidering that nap out in the sun… the kids won’t need me as soon as I lay down, right?

Thanks for reading about a day in our lives, what do you do when you’re sick and still have babies that need taken care of? Happy Friday, Have a great weekend!

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