Simple Iced Chai (V, GF)

Whenever I order a chai at Starbucks, even dairy free, I always get a headache. When I get chai concentrate from grocery stores I always get a headache.

The only chai I’ve found that I’m able to drink without getting sick is from the brand Bhakti. But it’s not exactly cheap so I thought I’d made my own.

I used my own homemade slightly sweetened almond milk but feel free to use store bought or another dairy free milk.

You’ll need

1 cup water

1-2″ chunk of ginger

5-7 dates

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp of cloves

4 cups black tea

2 cups of almond milk

Blend together water, ginger, dates, cinnamon and cloves. Mix together with black tea and almond milk.

All the ingredients are to taste so if you want it more sweet add more dates, more spicy add more cinnamon and cloves.

Strain through mesh strainer or drink as is. Serve hot or iced. Store in fridge for a couple days (if it lasts that long) and enjoy!

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